Our Mission & Vision:

Ukraine builds back a resilient society and economy during and after the war, with the help of thousands of war veterans as motivated and productive members of the society and local communities.

What We Do:

We provide business incubation opportunities and link Ukrainian business with veterans who can no longer serve on the battlefield and are undergoing physical or mental rehabilitation. 

How We Do IT:

We serve as a platform of information, analytics and data exchange. We connect public and private stakeholders such as ministries, companies and banks in one simple hub where they all can show, advertise and advance all initiatives intended to help Ukrainian veterans return to the civilian life. 

How To Help:

If you are a businessman or private individual from anywhere in the World, you can join our community of Partners and share your experience - whether it is about rehabilitation or building a successful business. You can help in training, mentoring, advice or funding the initiatives of our platform and its partners. REGISTER HERE



Ivan Tarn, 33

Hi, my name is Ivan. I was born in Ternopil. At the age of 10 my family moved to Ghent, Belgium, where I lived until the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Having served in the French Foreign legion, I had all the necessary skills to join active service in the Ukrainian Military immediately following the events of February 2022. My active military duty was cut short near Bakhmut after 9 months due to a combat injury whereby I lost my right foot.


RuslanaDanilkina, 19

Hi, my name is Ruslana Danilkina. I come from Odesa. I went to perform active military duty in the war at the age of 18, aka “Sima”. I lost my left leg on an operational task in the Kherson region, as our car was hit with by adverse firing squad with cluster bomb. Having returned from the hospital with a severed limb, I started actively posting online and surfing social networks. I developed a rather significant online following, including by the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska.


Serhiy Shulyak, 36

Hi there, my name is Sergii, and I come from Belgorod-Dnistrovsk. Despite having suffered significant health problems (asthma) since my childhood, I chose to join active military service of Ukraine on 25 February 2022. For my efforts in defending Kherson, I was decorated by President Zelenskyy. Unfortunately, last winter my military service was terminated early due to a combat injury in Bakhmut.


Mykhailo Lisovoi, 35

Hello there, my name is Mykhailo. Before the war, I was trained and worked as a lawyer in Kharkiv. I had also tried some attempts at developing my own business, having managed a clothing store.


Margarita Rivchachenko, 26

Hi everybody, my name is Margarita. Born and raised in Kharkiv, I graduated with masters degree in journalism. Last year was very unexpected to me and many others Ukrainians. Having just returned from my birthday party on 23 February 2022, I enlisted with the Ukrainian military the next day. I am still assisting the Ukrainian Armed Forces with various PR, communication and copywriting tasks. I have also learned skills of a paramedic.


Petro Konoplia, 33

Hello, my name is Petro. Before the war, I used to be an actor, playing, among others, the roles of soldiers. Little did I know that the brutal dawn of 24 February 2022 would turn fiction into reality. After more than 1 year on the battlefields of Donetsk region, I was ruled out due to an injury.